Mokie and Bik

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mokie and Bik extract

Here's the first couple of pages from the finished Australian book, coming out in September with Allen & Unwin.

Overboard or Underfoot

Mokie and Bik lived on a boat called Bullfrog.
‘When I’m big,’ said Mokie, ‘I’ll sail right across the harbour.’
‘When I’m bigger,’ said Bik, ‘I’ll sail right across the world!’

But Dad was sailing his ship-at-sea,
Mum was busy Arting
and Ruby was busy sploshing,
so Bullfrog stayed tied to the wharf - –

and Mokie and Bik played bumpboats
up and down the wheelhouse
bump thump rumping
from the steering drawers to the bouncy bunk
from sleepdog Laddie to the pot belly hotter .

Twins!’ their mother shouted
when the lines of her Art jiggled and jarred.
‘Get out from underfoot!’


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